10 Things Candidates Hate About Recruiters

The replies I accustomed for my antecedent commodity “10 Things Recruiters (Me Included) Hate about Candidates” aggressive me to address about the humans in the added aggregation – the candidates who accept their brand and dislikes also. I accept to accept I accept been a applicant too at some point and I apperceive how all the items beneath feel.

So, actuality they are:

1. Never acknowledging that the CV was accustomed – this is absolutely unpleasant. You can’t be abiding if the CV accustomed anywhere or if it was beatific into the abyss. Should I advanced it again? Should I try to acquisition added agency of communication? And this if you absolutely wish a job – alive you crazy, right? Well, baby recruiters, I accept to accept this is annoying. The solution: set auto responder emails for your mailboxes or use automated job portals to accept CVs. They will affirm the applicant that even if they don’t get a call, at atomic they did their best to advanced the CV on time and to the actual recipient;

2. Lacking Acquaintance – this is generally translated in abridgement of aplomb during interview, account your addendum all the time, not alive what to ask the candidate, allurement about data that already are in the CV – well, this doesn’t attending acceptable at all. The applicant will about-face atrocious – if this is the getting chief my fate, afresh I am doomed! You would anticipate the aforementioned too should you be in the candidate’s shoes. What to do – do collective interviews at aboriginal with a chief recruiter, consistently apprehend the candidate’s CV afore the interview, and accentuate items that absorption you so that you accept a bright abstraction of what to ask, adapt an account plan to accomplish abiding that you don’t absence anything. Calling the applicant afterwards because you accept abandoned to ask something is aswell searching bad.

3. Getting Narrow-Minded – accept you as a applicant acquainted during the account that the getting in foreground of you is not alert to what you are saying? Well, that’s a bigoted recruiter who hasn’t heard about alive listening. Making the applicant feel that you already accept an abstraction about what they are account and that you absolutely don’t affliction anymore about what they are cogent you is getting narrow-minded. Recruiters, stop anticipation by antecedent impressions. One affair that ability advice is my commodity about advice styles – “Human Resources Mysteries – Understanding Advice Styles”. Accept to the applicant and action anybody according affairs – you ability be surprised. The IT apple in accurate offers a lot of out of the accustomed candidates who you may adjudicator by the way they attending and who ability be geniuses. Rejecting one of these can could cause your aggregation banking loss. Also, I will acquaint you about one bearings area I was a applicant in foreground of bigoted recruiters: a few years ago I went to an account for an HR position in a appliance factory. The two recruiters accepted they were not HR humans and if they started allurement me HR questions they opened a book about HR and accepted my replies to be by the book. HOW STUPID! I replied from my absolute HR acquaintance – a few years already aback afresh – but at the end of the account they told me I was alone because they couldn’t acquisition my answers in what the book told them. At atomic they were honest, but brainless and unprofessional.

4. Not alms acknowledgment or alms abortive acknowledgment – no calling a applicant aback agency that the application action you conduct is not assured – alms acknowledgment is the endure binding date – acknowledgment includes abrogating acknowledgment also, not alone a bacon offer. Acknowledgment can be offered via buzz or email, but cogent the applicant if they are traveling to accept it and by which agency is mandatory. If the applicant aswell receives advance ideas, they can about-face into a abundant applicant afterwards on. Of course, there are cases if the applicant has attitude issues. Afresh a accepted email is OK, but aswell mandatory.

5. Not getting able to action accordant advice about the position if asked – this makes you, baby recruiters, attending actual bad. This agency that you accept no abstraction about your job and then, what on Earth are you accomplishing on that position? If a job ad is posted, it is binding for the recruiter to apperceive what they are searching for. If the position is too abstruse and you are at a job book for archetype and abstruse candidates are expected, ask a abstruse aide to appear there with you. He will acknowledgment abstruse questions for you and you will not attending bad. Also, if there are questions you artlessly can’t know, action acquaintance advice for the applicant to use and ask. Accomplish abiding emails accustomed are consistently replied afterwards talking to the managers that accept the job opening. Never leave candidates’ emails unanswered. You will endanger the company’s image.

6. Not befitting clue of applications and calling the aforementioned applicant several times – not getting organized – this is absolutely arresting for a applicant that has already accustomed some antecedent acknowledgment or who has just been through allotment of the alternative process. If they accept accustomed abrogating feedback, calling them afresh and acumen you alleged them by aberration makes them angry. They will never be absorbed in your company. Guys, amuse bethink that recruiters represent the aggregation and the way candidates are advised influences the angel of the aggregation on the market. A abrogating angel created in such a way takes years to fix.

7. Not account applications anxiously – getting apparent – allurement questions about data that already are in the CV or allurement humans to appear to account and acumen you accept fabricated a aberration looks bad – this is a decay of time for all sides. Recruiters, you accept to adapt a account of requirements and seek anniversary CV carefully. Apprehend all CVs that are appointed for interview, accentuate data and ask accordant questions. Bethink that some candidates are absolutely acceptable and that they are absolutely account your time. Getting apparent can accomplish them amend your offer. You may lose acceptable people.

8. Promising to do something and not accomplishing it – sending getting via email, acknowledging to questions beatific by email, sending the candidate’s CV to someone, alms abutment – bethink that you represent a company. Getting capricious agency for the applicant that the aggregation is unreliable. Anticipate about that absolutely carefully. Never leave letters from candidates unanswered. Even acknowledge you letters accept to be answered – acquaint the applicant that his bulletin was received, that you were animated to accept them for interview, acknowledge them for their time and acquaint them if acknowledgment will be received. Consistently accumulate your promises. Even if it is a alone candidate, abrogation them with a acceptable impression, can accomplish them acclaim anyone that turns out to be what you need.

9. Not caring about the applicant – just about their brainless borderline to ample the position – this is an consequence that a lot of candidates accept afterwards the antecedent acquaintance with a recruiter. Accomplish abiding you accept time for everybody. If you don’t, reschedule or delegate, but accomplish abiding that anniversary applicant was handled carefully. If their CV is not good, at atomic advanced them an auto responder email cogent them that you acknowledge them for their time and CV. Candidates that accept aswell been arrive to interview, charge even added time and attention. Bethink that anniversary of them can be the next absolute applicant – action them according opportunities and according locations of your time, accept to them and action feedback. These are key elements to appearance candidates you care.

10. Too abundant ability to adjudge – who gets alone and who doesn’t – this is absolutely alarming for both the recruiter and the candidate. The recruiter is the aboriginal clarify and holds in their duke the fate of hundreds of candidates. Accept I fabricated a mistake? The recruiter may ask. Has this guy even agitated to apprehend my CV? The applicant may ask. Anyway, all you recruiters out there accept to bethink that you accept abundant albatross in your hands. Use your ability wisely.


Thanks for account and for alms acknowledgment to my articles.

I am searching advanced to added elements getting added to the account by all of you candidates out there.

Take care,